During the 2366, the brand new USS Business-C came up regarding a temporal crack

During the 2366, the brand new USS Business-C came up regarding a temporal crack

Borg Queen

Into the 2063, within the Borg assault with the Enterprise-Elizabeth, which in fact had showed up in the season 2373, Data was abducted because of the a beneficial Borg drone. Struggling to assimilate the new android, the newest Borg Queen attempted to bribe Data to your subservience through providing your real time skin rather than his polymer. Study played with each other, with ideal sexual affairs for the Borg Queen, which wished your because the somebody to relieve brand new loneliness out of the woman character since someone in the Collective, Studies fundamentally ‘replacing’ Locutus. Analysis in the course of time deceived the newest Borg King, destroying her which have warp engine coolant, which also eliminated the fresh flesh she got grafted to your. He after that acknowledge to help you Picard you to part of your try nevertheless disappointed from the the lady demise, listing you to definitely their bring to bring him closer to Humanity got briefly attracted your (albeit for 0.68 mere seconds, a span you to definitely, considering Studies, equates – having an android os – in order to “almost a very long time”). ( Star Trek: First Get in touch with )

Option truth and you can timelines

Their disappearance on the season 2344 brought about an adjusted timeline, the spot where the Federation is dropping a battle up against the Klingons. Study had been the fresh ship’s businesses manager. ( TNG : ” Yesterday’s Firm “)

Lieutenant Worf discovered a great quantum fissure which brought about him to begin shifting ranging from quantum knowledge from inside the 2370. In lot of galaxies, Data was still this new Enterprise’s functions officer, and you will went to a shock birthday party having Worf. When you look at the at least one ones truth, Data’s eyes was indeed blue in lieu of its feature purple.

An additional fact, Research was still the new operations officer and you may www.datingranking.net/local-hookup/kansas-city second officer however, was outranked by the Frontrunner Worf, just who served just like the ship’s first officer under Head Riker, Picard having been shed from the Race from Wolf 359 when you look at the 2367. That it type of Study theorized this might be you are able to so you can seal brand new fissure in the event your shuttlecraft Curie from the primary fact re-inserted the fresh fissure and emitted an over-all spectrum warp career. Centered on Head Picard, the information and knowledge regarding the prie achievement. All the events following the Worf’s find have been removed about schedule while the fissure are close. ( TNG : ” Parallels “)

Into the an unfamiliar, solution coming schedule, Analysis try a teacher (the fresh new Lucasian Teacher regarding Math) during the Cambridge School and lived within Isaac Newton’s home with good housekeeper and several cats. Appear to inside upcoming, he had fully understood the idea of humor, stating that their housekeeper Jessel made your make fun of. Simultaneously, his relaxed speech got much more nuance and inflection, and then he did actually have now tackle using contractions. He previously including colored part of their hair gray when he thought that they produced your look popular. However, Jessel is of view which produced your look like a “bloody skunk.” ( TNG : ” Every Nutrients. “)


  • Lt. Reginald Barclay inside the 2366 reproduced at the very least one or two Datas when he is suffering from holo-addiction. You to system got Analysis included in the Three Musketeers, because the almost every other reproduced the entire staff of your Enterprise-D. One to sport of information is actually establish whenever Barclay told you goodbye to help you his goals and you can removed new programs. ( TNG : ” Hollow Activities “)
  • Barash recreated the whole order team of Firm-D during the 2367 into the Leader Onias III to save Chief Riker indeed there. It sport occurred from inside the a good 2383 in which Data is marketed in order to Chief and had end up being the earliest officer. ( TNG : ” Upcoming Incomplete “)
  • A computer breakdown agreeable the newest USS Company-D given that holo triggered the characters taking on the appearance of Study when you look at the 2369. ( TNG : ” A beneficial Fistful regarding Datas “)

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